Tabby Policy


What is Tabby service?

 It is a service provided by Firefly in cooperation with Tabby, which allows the customer to purchase products through the Firefly website or application and pay their value through easy monthly installments.


  1.  4 monthly payments without profits.
  2. Instant approval.

Terms & Conditions:

  1.  Tabby service is only available on the Firefly website.
  2.  Payment through Tabby service is available on all products. 3. The minimum bill value is 20 KWD and the maximum is 500 KWD.
  3.  Products purchased through Tabby service cannot be returned
  4.  Firefly policy applies to exchanges and returns.
  5.  Firefly is not responsible for any problem related to the customer's account or payment in the Tabby application.
  6.  For technical problems with the Tabby app or website, please contact Tabby Customer Service on 96522270163 number or email: [email protected]
  7.  A good payment history with tabby can improve your chances of approving more purchases as well as how long you've been using tabby for shopping. 
  8. The transaction may be rejected for one of the following reasons:
  •  *Failure to make payments on time. Pay it off and try again.
  •  *You have a negative balance.
  •  *The cart amount may be over the upper limit, remove some products and try again.
  •  *Upload a wrong or unclear ID

 Frequently asked questions


 What are the requirements to use Tabby?

 Tabby is available to all citizens and residents. We only need your mobile number and a valid payment method.


 What is the minimum and maximum purchase limit using Tabby?

 The minimum purchase is 20 KWD and the maximum is 500 KWD. In case the invoice amount is more than 500 dinars, the customer can pay the remaining amount as follows:

 The remaining amount will be added to the first installment payment. For example: if the invoice value is 700 dinars and the customer's approval from Tabby is 500 dinars. The customer will pay the remaining amount of 200 dinars with the first installment 125 dinars, so the total down payment will be 325 dinars, the second payment 125 dinars, the third payment 125 dinars, and the fourth payment 125 dinars.

 Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single purchase from Tabby? The maximum amount for one purchase is KD 700. The limit decision also depends on: Your previous commitment to pay Tabby payments. Your remaining balance and outstanding payments. Cart size. Other factors for the adoption of consent that we cannot disclose for reasons of protection.


 How do I pay?

 The easiest and fastest way to make and review payments is via the Tabby app. When you use any card when shopping with Tabby, payments will not be calculated automatically and you will need to login to your Tabby account to make the payment. You will receive emails and text messages to remind you when your next payments will be made. If you want to pay early, log in online, or download the app and choose the payment you want to pay and choose

"Payment Options". 

There is no charge when you pay early. Follow these steps to make a payment:

 Log in to the Tabby or Tabby Online app. Click on the My Payments option from the menu. Choose the order you want to pay or pay all the remaining payments. Follow the steps shown to complete the payment and make sure that you use the correct payment details when making the payment to avoid any errors.


 What are the payment methods on the Tabby website or application? 

Tabby Apple Pay accepts all bank and credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa.


 How does Tabby work? 

Tabby enables you to divide your purchases into 4 monthly installments without interest or fees. You can buy by following these steps: First Step: Choose Tabby as your payment method. Second Step: Link any bank card. Third Step: Complete only the down payment process and Tabby will remind you before the time of other payment solutions. 

Can I pay before the due date?

 Yes! If you want to pay your purchase balance in installments early, simply log in to Tabby, go to the order page and choose to pay early.

 Can I change the card used for payment? 

You can view all the amounts, make a payment and control your personal account by logging in online or using the Tabby app.

 Follow these steps to change the card: Log in to the Tabby or Tabby Online app. Click on the 'Request Installment' option. Select Change card. Enter your new card details. 

How do I know when I need to pay?

 You will receive regular reminders before any payments are due to avoid missing out.

 Payment is due, but I didn't receive my products! Please inform Tabby that the order has not been received, once informed, Tabby will amend your account to ensure that you do not need to make any payment until the issue is resolved. If you have not received products, please do the following and then we will adjust your account to make sure you do not need to make any payment until the issue is resolved:

 Order tracking. Use the tracking number given to you by Firefly for any updates regarding the shipping process. Firefly continues. If you do not find any information about the shipment or delay in the date of collection, please contact Firefly directly.

 Let us know! Log in to the Tabby app. Tap 'My payments'. Choose the request on which the problem exists. Tap 'Need help'. Select 'I have a payment due and haven't received my order yet!' and then contact us.

 What happens if I don't pay on time? Late payment. In case of late payment, you are obligated to pay additional fees from the date of default. 

How can I get a refund? Refunds are made in accordance with Firefly's return and cancellation policy. Amounts are processed once Firefly registers a refund or cancellation request and Tabby begins the process of returning the amount to you.

 Here's what you can expect from the recovery process with Tabby: In case the refund amount is less than the remaining amounts, the remaining amounts will be adjusted accordingly. In case the refund is greater than the remaining amounts, the remaining payments will be cancelled and the remaining amount will be returned accordingly

. How long does a refund take? The amount is returned to the card used for the payment process and this takes 2 - 5 days. However, the process may take longer, depending on your bank.


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