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Company Background

FIREFLY Group is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality lighting & furniture in Kuwait. FIREFLY Group is where style lives. It's the ultimate guide to lighting and Furniture designs and an indispensable source of inspiration for everyone who wants to live a more beautiful life.

We are a pioneer in the industry offering the market greater choice, innovative and ergonomic designs as well as environmentally friendly Products. Since Our humble inception in 2013, the group has grown from strength to strength. FIREFLY Group started its establishment on Electricity Street (Shuwaikh Area). From the very beginning, the group has focused on its core principles of customer service, quality, value for money and innovation, and it is these principles that have enabled the group to gain the trust of customers.

Today, the group employs over 250 peoples, operating 2 show rooms in Kuwait. For over 10 years, FIREFLY Group has been active in providing lighting & furniture that is flexible, dynamic and attuned with global and taste changes. The group continuously introduces new and high-Quality lighting & furniture to remain at the fore front of the industry.

Having established itself as a market leader for lighting & furniture, the group has also continued its growth strategy and has developed additional lines by establishing variance branches:


seeks to offer a wide range of lighting products, whether indoor or outdoor, spot lighting, stair lighting and floors, whether commercial or residential complexes.

  •    Decorative
  •    LED Bulbs
  •    LED Spot Lights
  •    LED Panel Lights
  •    LED Downlights
  •    BATH Lights
  •    Table Lights
  •    Pendant Lights
  •    Wall Lights
  •    Floor Lights
  •    Seiling Lights
  •   Outdoor Light
  •   Floor Lamp
  •   Wall Lights
  •   Indoor
  •   Classic
  •   Modern
  •   Magnetic
  •  Switches



We exemplify creativity in every since of the word, we create ambience that is impressive and inspiring to all,

  • ·       Household
  •    Bath & Laundry
  •    Bath Accessories
  •    Towels
  •    Bedding
  •    Comforter & Quilt
  •    Bedding Cover
  •    Fillings
  •    Home Decor
  •    Artificial Flowers & Plants
  •    Wall Art
  •    RUGS
  • ·       Kitchen
  •    Kitchen Textile
  •    Kitchen Tools
  •    Kitchen Cutleri
  •    Kitchen Dinner/Tea/Coffee Sets
  • ·       Furniture
  •    Outdoor Furniture
  •    Living Room Furniture
  •    Bed Rooms Sets
  • ·       Fragrance & Candles
  • Candles
  • Diffuser
  • Room Spray




We do the right thing, the first time, every time


Time is the only constrained resource. We focus on what is most important.


We are always searching for a better way. We are willing and able to change.

Customer Obsessed

We see the world through the eyes of customers and end-users. We deliver on their needs.


We create the environment where the best people come to do their best work. We all succeed together.

Owner's Mindset

We think and act like owners. We focus on long-term, sustainable value creation.



Create the best architectural lighting & Furniture experience, with superior design, quality and service.


To be the experts in the lighting & furniture industry and a partner you can rely on


to supply lighting & Furniture that is all insightful, elegant and inspiring, while supplementing your needs. 


Interior Design

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